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The Royal Government of Cambodia under the wise leadership of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia has launched a strategic plan to transform the country's middle-income from 2030 and to became the developed country in 2050. To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has launched a 15-point reform program based on 5 pillars for enhancing the quality of human resources according to the needs of the labor market.

Based on the Royal Government Strategic Plan and the reform based on 5 pillars for enhancing the quality of human resources, National Institute of Education, which is the only establishment in changes of Teacher Training for High School Teachers and Educational Administration Official at all levels in the country, has implemented strategic planning, roles and responsibilities of its series, especially focuses on the Teachers Training and Education officials both for Pre-Service and In-Service Training. For the Pre-Service Training, National Institute of Education has been offering the training of (1) High School Teachers Specialized Subjects (2) Lower Secondary School Teachers Specialized in French-English (3) Master of Educational Management (4) Educational Inspectors based on New Inspection System (systemic inspection), and (5) School Principals Training. Second, for In-Service training, National Institute of Education has been conducting (1) ongoing training for existing Educational Inspectors on the Systemic Inspection, (2) training for High School Teachers on contents and teaching methodology, skills in laboratory science (3) training for Education Administration Officials for Provincial levels on Educational Planning throughout the country, and (4) training for High School directors on New Inspection System.

On behalf of the management staff, educators, and teacher trainers of the National Institute of Education, I most warmly welcome for all Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, students and trainees who wish to study at the National Institute of Education, to obtain careers as managers of Education, Inspectors of Education and teachers qualification which is recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports as well as by The Royal Government of Cambodia, and also welcomes the development partners who inspire to collaborate with the National Institute of Education to improve the Educational Resources in Cambodia.

Finally, I would like to wish Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen with the four wishes of Buddha: Longevity, prosperity, healthy, strength and success in all tasks.


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National Institute of Education International Internship


The National Institute of Education (NIE) of the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) is seeking exceptional English native Graduate or Undergraduate students to serve as technical support on NIE website. The participating interns will work primarily in edition English content on the NIE website.

The National Institute of Education is Cambodia’s premier teacher training institution preparing upper secondary school teachers and providing professional development for school leaders and other education managers and officials. Under the framework of the Teacher Training Institutions’ reform and the overall education reform, especially the reform at the school level, NIE will be transformed into a higher education institution with three critical roles as (1) a University conferring degree programs, (2) a teacher training institution providing PRESET and INSET, and (3) an educational research center producing education researchers.

The Office of ICT of the NIE is developing the NIE website in both Khmer and English. In order to ensure the appropriate use of English in its website, NIE needs volunteer international students whose native in English to support. The interns at the NIE will work with the staff of Office of ICT and the other NIE staff to edit and to develop the English contents in the website. The intern international students will work part-time for 3 months or more based on the mutual agreement.

Interested applicants should email a resume and a one-page statement of interest to Dr. Mam Chansean, the Chief of the Office of International Relation, at

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ការប្រឡងជ្រើសរើសគ្រូបង្រៀនកម្រិតឧត្តម "បរិញ្ញា+១" ជំនាន់ទី២៦ និង "បរិញ្ញា+២" ជំនាន់ទី១ ឆ្នាំសិក្សា ២០២១-២០២២





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